Starlite Jewelry
Elegant Earrings and Necklaces Handcrafted with Attitude!


Patti of Starlite Creations custom creates each piece with her own special artful talent to turn each one into a masterpiece sure to be prized by it's owner for years to come!


Starlite Effects has a long history of providing various customized services including entertainment, to varied consulting services, to special products.


Patti started making these items for stress relief. Each piece turned out unique and received rave reviews from family & friends. Now you too can own your own!


Made in assorted colors, most range in length from 18 to 24 inches. Many feature glass, ceramic, and/or metal beads, and precious and/or semi-precious polished gemstones. All components are hand selected before assembly for the finest quality and beauty. Handcrafted custom one-of-a-kind classy & elegant and/or fun & flirty designs. All reasonably priced and easy to own!



Most earrings are a compliment to a matching necklace with the same or similar features and components, but all are certainly capable to be worn by themselves as well.

Starlite Creations

Starlite Effects
Marshfield, Wisconsin